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About Anna Gureva


Anna Guryeva practices Ashtanga yoga in the Mysore tradition and Tibetan Buddhism in the Karma Kagyu tradition. Authorized teacher of Ashtanga yoga. Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Shala St. Petersburg.

Author of the book "Space and bliss. Yoga and Buddhism for living in the modern world."


In teaching, Anna adheres to the methodology of Richard Freeman and Ty Landrum, which allows her to teach Ashtanga yoga in the key of softness, openness, and deep immersion in the fundamental aspects of the practice, which make it such a powerful tool for self-knowledge.


Combining the traditions of yoga and Buddhism helps to explore the inseparable mind-body system in the broad context of the universal human desire for happiness. Complementing the methods of working with the body, which is so rich in yoga, with Buddhist ways of working with the mind, Anna creates space and opportunity for students for effective development, creativity, and friendly relationships.

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Germany, Berlin

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