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“InLove.” Retreat in Turkey

April 29 - May 07 2023
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“InLove.” Retreat in Turkey

April 29 - May 07



This retreat will be the final part of the "InLove" online course, dedicated to the deepest aspiration of a person - to experience oneness with essential love, with the Beloved, in one's own heart and manifest it in everyday life and relationships with others.


Late April - early May is a great time to travel to Turkey. Trees, flowers, and herbs bloom. Nature opens up with unimaginable force; the clear air is filled with the aromas of plants and birds singing. We will practice yoga, walk along mountain paths and sit by the fire in the evenings. We will also meet practicing Sufis and walk to the ancient Lycian ruins.




At the retreat, we will look for a connection with essential love, the power of creation that creates, manifests, and animates the phenomenal world, including us. We will do this by practicing ashtanga yoga, pranayama, chanting, meditation, practical philosophy, and reading nectar poetry.




  • 8:00-10:00 - Mysore class (the shared practice of asanas with an individual approach to each).

  • 10:00 - brunch

  • 13:00-15:00 asana alignment workshop / practical philosophy

  • 15:00 tea

  • 16:30-17:30 pranayama and chanting

  • 17:30 dinner

We will also walk in the mountains and the ancient ruins of Tlos, have evening tea parties by the fire, a Sufi evening, and listen to the music of heart dreams.


The retreat is for practitioners of all levels. Come even if you've never done yoga or taken the "InLove" online course. We are happy to meet any human being with a curious mind.


And More Unique Things to Experience


Modern teachers and practitioners of the Sufi tradition will visit us. We will get acquainted with one of the most excellent spiritual teachings with the help of those who today follow this path and learn about the view and methods of Sufism. We will spend an evening with the musicians from the Sufi community who explore the depths of the spirit through art and share insight with those who are ready to hear.


Sufism is a mystical teaching born from Islam, absorbing the influences of Hinduism and Buddhism. One of the famous Sufis is the poet Jalaladdin Rumi, whose ecstatic poetry we will enjoy during the "InLove" online course. Sufism explores the human desire to merge with the divine, which we will discuss in our exploration. The longing to experience the meeting with the Beloved is one of the critical topics of Sufi poetry.


The Venue


The Dharmapur retreat center in the picturesque mountains near Fethiye will host us.


We will have delicious food, a beautiful shala for practice, and pleasant space and rooms. From everywhere, there is a stunning view of the spring mountains, along which we will take a walk.


Nearby are the ruins of Tlos, an ancient Lycian city founded around the 20th century BC. e. We will visit this fantastic place to get in touch with the oasis of the ancient world, which gave rise to modern reality.




We will get delicious organic food from local farmers (brunch, tea, and dinner), hand-pressed olive oil, fresh cheeses, and prana-infused fruits and vegetables.



The price includes accommodation, two meals a day, a retreat.


700 EUR for double occupancy with shower in the room.

600 EUR for double occupancy without a shower in the room (shared showers are clean and comfortable).

500 EUR for dormitory up to 8 people.


Transfer from the airport:

$60 per car (fits three people).



telegram, whatsapp: +79818923336

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